2006_04_jdia.jpgVocal pipes, that is. The Post reports that Julia Diaco, infamously busted by the NYPD for dealing drugs out of her freshman dorm in 2004 and received probation just last month, is now remaking herself into a singer, calling herself J-Dia. Gothamist did a search and found Diaco's MySpace page and, better yet, her official music website, TheJ-Dia.com. Her bio is melodramatic and heart string-tugging, recounting the fire that burned her when she was three and her drug bust:

Years later, the unthinkable once again put a damper on J-Dias progress, as she became the center of a flawed, six-month N.Y.P.D. undercover investigation. She quickly became known as one of the decades most infamous drug-dealers. Reporters ran with the story, falsifying facts and attempting to portray her as something she most certainly was not. Still, the American public was quickly captivated, infatuated with both the girl on television and the fascinating story behind her. J-Dia started a movement with the ludicrous arrest, and letters started pouring in, offering any help they had to give, and begging the D.A. for J-Dia's pardon. She has since done her time, and has been set free to once and for all set the record straight, move forward, and fulfill her destiny. She is young, stunningly gorgeous, and overwhelmingly talented. On top of that, J-Dia has a heart of pure gold.

We don't know if it's for real or a joke, but either way, it's amazing! It's an interesting way to become famous - get busted for dealing at school, lay low and get probation, then come out with an enticing media persona and album. It's like Kate Moss in reverse - if Diaco is successful.