Julia Diaco; Photo: NY Post

Julia Diaco, the NYU freshman arrested last month for selling pot to an undercover police officer, will be charged with additional counts. The police found cocaine in her dorm room after they arrested her. This doesn't surprise Gothamist, as part of the initial arrest was for selling pot, cocaine, mushrooms, and LSD - of course she's have supplies at Hayden Hall!

The Post ends their article with this sentence: "At the time of her arrest, police sources told The Post Diaco was frequently in the company of men during surveillance, but NYPD officials insist cops simply observed her conducting a series of undercover drug buys." What? The police are suspicious of a female college student, in New York City, hanging out with dudes? And now they are denying it? What are the police trying to say and deny now? And what is the Post trying to say? That Diaco had a crew with her? Her posse of homeless friends? What?