Gothamist always likes wacky crime blotter stories about drugs, and this case of a man's arrest over pot and mushrooms has it all: Someone in the Netherlands mailed some 'shrooms, aka "psychdelic fungi" in the Post article, to 56 year-old Brooklyn resident and ex-cop, Mark McCurdy. Since Customs agents found the mushrooms before the package was delivered, Customs decided to have the NYPD deliver the package to McCurdy and bust him. And when they got to his apartment, they noticed tons of marijuana plants. Brilliant. McCurdy was convicted for posession of a controlled substance, but insisted that he had no idea he was receiving mushrooms and that the pot plants were not his. That's what they all say! Someone in the DEA or NYPD Vice Squad needs to compile a list of excuses - cliched and original.

Some other favorites: Eldridge pot farm and the kid with pot in his shoe.