2005_03_potfarm.jpgEven more audacious than the Eldridge Street marijuana farm that was upstairs from a nursery school, it seems that the Gambino crime family had huge pot operation in Brooklyn and Queens near schools. The federal authorities busted the ring yesterday, and we think Newsday quote sums up the operation: "An organized crime operation that's produced high-quality marijuana since 1997 at a 100-acre upstate farm, a Bayside house and a Brooklyn warehouse outfitted with hydroponic troughs illuminated by $800,000 in stolen electricity has been shut down." Those mobsters are relentless: Pot farm with stolen electricity. The Queens location, where the pot farm was in the basement, had a strong exhaust fan to remove the "pungent odor." The ringleader, Peter Zuccaro, is currently serving time in a Florida prison.

Photo from NY Daily News