NY pot smokers are already rubbing their hands together in anticipation of bridge and tunnel medical marijuana trafficking, but there's one group that's not happy about New Jersey's new law—pot dealers! "As I smoker, I think it's great. But from a business aspect, it's going to cut a lot of people," said one illegal purveyor of the drug.

The cost of an ounce of medical marijuana in New Jersey will be $125, estimated the NY Daily News, whereas the same baggie in NY would cost $500. "You can't drop prices to match that," said the weed slinger. "You'd lose hundreds of thousands of dollars." He was already bracing himself to lose his out of state clientele. "It's going to cut a lot of the bridge-and-tunnel customers. I'm just trying to lock down who I have in the city. I have to stay on the grind."

Political opponents of the marijuana law also fear the medical-strength pot will make its way to the illegal market. "You lose control of it if people are allowed to buy it," said Michael Long, chairman of NY's Conservative Party. "How do you know the patient won't give the marijuana to someone else?" But the law's supporters say that's why only patients in dire need will receive the coveted cards. "You're talking about people who need this medication and aren't willing to sell it," said a spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington.