Earlier this year, a judge defended the right of women to trash their cheating ex's online. Former "roller jam" television star Stacey Blitsch and lawyer Amanda Ryncarz both dated lawyer Matthew Couloute Jr., and said that Couloute jilted them (Blitsch also has a son with Couloute). Throughout that Gloria Allred-aided trial, Couloute's wife Lauren Haidon stood by him, even defending him on national TV. And surprise surprise, Haidon is now filing for divorce: “I always knew he wasn’t telling the truth, but when you realize that you are married, and you left your own life to have a life with someone else, it’s not so easy to walk away," she told the Post. "It truly is embarrassing.”

The couple met in August 2010, and married just two months later, a few months before the first cyber-smear appeared on LiarsCheatersRUs.com that December. Haidon was shocked to later discover that Couloute broke up with Ryncarz 12 days after his wedding: "I was sick to my stomach,” she recalled. Haidon started talking to Couloute's ex's regularly, but he blamed them for the breakups: “His excuse is that all these women are crazy. Everyone is crazy,” she said.

Some of the anonymous posts on the website read: "Lied and cheated his entire way through his 40 years of life" and "HE'S SCUM. RUN FAR AWAY." Couloute claimed the online statements had interfered with his "ability to make a living." During the case, Allred took the opportunity to make Couloute a poster child for cheating men everywhere: "We believe that men are more likely to lie and cheat in their relationships with women than vice-versa...Often the men in a relationship have more money, they have more power (and) they have more resources of every kind."

Having lost the case, Haidon said she’s had to pay close to $100,000 for rent and bills that Couloute has neglected to pay. “I’ve been patient, forgiving, supportive, taken advantage of, used in his custody battle & used as a bank. Life catches up w/u,” she recently tweeted.

As for Couloute, he called it a private matter, and added: “Women should never be afraid to speak out. But no one should be able to defame an ex-flame because they’re not happy with the way the relationship ended,” he said. As Allred countered at the time of the ruling, "If you are afraid that your lying and cheating might show up on the internet, don't lie and cheat."