Is Poster Boy angling to be street art's Keyser Söze? He's only fooling the Paper of Record so far, after a friend of the artist told them “Poster Boy can be anybody.” Mysterious!

In the meantime, he's spoken out in a new interview at the Public Ad Campaign. Trying to misdirect the heat some more, he refers to himself in the third person, explaining, "Henry Matyjewicz was arrested Friday night at 7:30pm, sent to central booking, then sent to Rikers. He was bailed on Sunday night, and was released Monday 2am."

He goes on to talk about his Henry's arrest and how "It feels good to exploit the NYPD," but finishes up name-checking the real enemy, declaring: "The only thing that could match the NYPD's shit investigation is the New York Post's shit reporting. Of course I'm not surprised. It's the New York Post." The paper had asked for a comment from him after already labeling him "Boaster Boy" but he told them: "dream on." We contacted the artist asking why he's trying to dodge the rap and if he regrets not keeping a lower profile, but have yet to hear back.