Sure, Pedro G. Espada, son of Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr., may have just quit his job as the deputy director of intergovernmental relations for the State Senate, but after four-five days on the job, isn't that enough time for a computer log-in? The Post's "Nada Espada" story today suggests Pedro G. never actually worked at Senate offices in Manhattan—though he was on state payroll since last Thursday—and notices he actually went to his old job at the Soundview Health Clinic (started by his dad) yesterday. Pops Espada said, "His official date of resignation is when... I really don't know. He's cleaning out his personal stuff." Later, the Senate Democrats allowed to Post to visit their office: "[Pedro G.] Espada -- who arrived at the building only after being told that The Post was on the scene -- seemed unfamiliar with the layout of the office suite. At one point, he appeared to take direction to his office from a Senate spokesman... The room was dark when Espada arrived, with nothing on the desk appeared nervous and fiddled with his BlackBerry when asked to recount activities of the day. He was unable to log on to the computer or point to a single item in the room that could confirm the office had belonged to him." Classic photo here.