The Post speaks to the woman the "Miracle Model," Monica Meadows, the aspiring model-actress who was shot on a subway pulling into Times Square last year. It turns out that Meadows left New York City because she was having panic attacks and trouble auditioning after the trauma of the shooting. And when she took a cruise with her family, she realized she was happy at sea, and got a job on the ship's cabaret show AND fell in love with an actor working on the Norwegian Wind. (Clearly, it's not the boyfriend who she asked a fellow passenger to call after she was shot.) Anyway, Gothamist is glad to hear that Meadows is doing well, but this makes us wonder if the MTA works with the City's health department to make sure crime victims get proper mental health treatment after incidents; then again, we're sure that along with shooting or robbery victims, people would be demanding therapy for crowded cars.

Meadows was pretty outspoken against the closing of some token booths since the EMT was able to get to her faster because one was open. The Post explains "Miracle Model" was a term coined by doctors since the bullet missed her vitals by an inch, but it sounds more like a Post-made name to us.