“There are four things that I refuse to pay for in this city—parking, publicity and pussy. The fourth thing is alcohol." That gem of a quote is just one of the wonderful ways in which the Post today lets you get your schadenfreude out while exploring the financial troubles of "shameless New York self-promoter and velvet-rope gadfly" Justin Ross Lee (a followup to their expose last week). You see Lee, who is the kind of guy familiar to the Guest of a Guest set, seems to be living well beyond the means provided by his "Pretentious Pocket" line of silk-pocket-squares (no, really, that's the company's name).

"Whenever I reach a door or a rope, there is no speculation that I’m not going to get in. The only part I hear is the metal part of that red rope hitting the ground," the bon vivant who spent last night tweeting photos of himself at the Emmys told the tabloid. But while velvet ropes may drop for him, his creditors are not being so kind. The Post reports the prepster (and self-styled "JewJetting Intercontinental Man of Continuity") is being sued for breach of contract by Citibank over $80,000 in credit card bills, owes more than $700 to his gym, plus another $5,000 to Barneys New York and more. How he pays his $2,700-a-month rent while carrying nearly $160,000 in debt is an open question as it sure doesn't sound like his $58-a-pop pocket squares are paying the bills. According to court papers the company has made just $12,250 to date.

Still, this is New York. We're sure the young man, who apparently likes to tell Star magazine about the celebrities he flieswith, will make it work. He tells the Post that he's pitching a reality TV show about his lifestyle. Wonder if he's friends with those Native Society kids?