30rockgolf.jpgThe New York Post tells a slice-of-life story of Queens homeowners who neighbor a golf course today, employing the maximum number of golf puns possible. In its story, it tells the un-"fore"-tunate tale of neighbors who live next to the Douglaston Golf Course. The residents were "teed-off" and "taking a swing" at the city for owning a golf course that subjected them to a barrage of incoming balls and broken windows. They said that the net that was supposed to protect their homes was not "up to par" and described being virtual prisoners in their own homes. The picture caption showing one unhappy man displaying all the golf balls he found in his back yard reads "Mulligan Stew."

We admire the drive of Post writers willing to exert themselves in the pursuit of punnery. And we certainly sympathize with the Queens homeowners who have had to assume a bunker mentality to protect themselves from flying golf balls. We're hopeful the city can find a fair way to resolve the situation because it sounds like a rough way to spend one's spring and summer and could be a real hazard. Maybe the vendor who operates the Douglaston Golf Course for the city should chip in and just buy a higher fence, because we're certain that the woman mentioned who was selling her house is going to find her reason for moving a real handicap when looking for a willing buyer.

(Golf in Rockefeller Plaza, by Triborough at flickr)