Yesterday the US Postal Service announced they would save 9 of the 14 branches that were set to shutter, due to a decrease in business. CityRoom reports that the five still being shut down are in the Bronx and Queens.

Upon finding out a nearby branch wasn't closing, one relieved local declared, “The only words I can say are that I am extremely pleased." However, a USPS spokeswoman said, "If it’s off the list, it’s off the list...For now."

Here's the list of to-be-closed P.O. locations, per City Room:

• Crotona Park, 1682 Boston Road, Bronx
• Van Nest, 715 Morris Park Avenue, Bronx
• Oak Point, 839 East 149th Street, Bronx
• La Guardia Airport, Main Terminal, Flushing, Queens
• Long Island City Annex, 4310 10th Street, Long Island City, Queens
• Crotona Park, 1682 Boston Road, Bronx

And the ones that have received stays of execution:

• Botanical, 2963 Webster Avenue, Bronx
• Clason Point, 829 Soundview Avenue, Bronx
• Hillside, 3292 Boston Road, Bronx
• Melcourt, 860 Melrose Avenue, Bronx
• Cherokee, 1483 York Avenue, Manhattan
• College, 217 West 140th Street, Manhattan
• Pitt, 185 Clinton Street, Manhattan
• Port Authority, 625 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan
• West Village, 527 Hudson Street, Manhattan

Now, what can they do about those lines.