2008_11_lwalsh10.jpgUgh: The already distressing case of the murdered school teacher Leah Walsh (pictured) got a little more disturbing. Police, who believe that Walsh was killed by her husband who staged her disappearance to cover up the crime, apparently found the 29-year-old naked body with peanut butter slathered on it, according to the Post. The Post's sources suggest that suspect William Walsh used the peanut butter in hopes "that wild animals would get rid of the evidence." And a waitress admits to having an affair with William Walsh a year ago (Police believe the couple may have been arguing over his infidelities before the killing), but insists, "Just because I had a past with him doesn't mean I know anything." Walsh is currently in custody.
UPDATE: Newsday is reporting that "the NY Post was wrong" about the peanut butter story and that the autopsy of Leah Walsh found that "there were absolutely no food products or accelerants applied to the body of the victim. "