090208bway.jpgThat new Broadway pedestrian plaza, which reduced Broadway to two lanes to make room for tables, chairs, and new bike lanes, are "making city drivers miserable," the Post contends. But though two reporters were assigned to the story, they were hard-pressed get any comments from the allegedly miserable drivers in question. Oh, there is one Jason Silitsky, a New Jersey "commuter" (we bet he takes the PATH) who declares the esplanade "completely useless." On the other hand, Barbara Randall, director of the Fashion Center BID, tells the tabloid, "We haven't noticed any traffic problems. It's down two to lanes, but it's moving." And Haim Dadi, owner of Mr. Broadway Kosher, says the increased pedestrians are boosting business: "Traffic-wise, it's not good, but who cares about traffic? I care about the store."