Good news for singles looking for singles in Manhattan this weekend: the intrepid reporters from the NY Post have crunched the data from the most recent census of NYC, and found that more than half of Manhattan residents are single. (For some perspective, if you include the other four boroughs, that rate drops down to 33.5%) And they sound really pumped about this "no roommate, no spouse, no family, no kids" utopia they've discovered.

Maybe this can help explain how NYC has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country. But don't get too excited yet: even though the Post might imagine the borough as "some kind of "Sex and the City" fantasyland," they interview two NYer's (the proverbial Adam and Eve?) to get the real scoop, and find one lonely dude who isn't so cracked up about searching "for his perfect match while roaming the neighborhood with his English bulldog, Olivia Newton-John."