Bad news for Steve Urkel: you probably can't get into the Boom Boom Room. In the latest Post undercover report, six stereotypical clubgoers were sent to "exclusive" clubs like the Boom Boom Room, 1Oak and Marquee to test who could gain entrance. The guido, nerd, "nerdette," cougar, suburban dad and a "Jersey girl" hit the streets in the most outlandishly cliche attire imaginable. Seriously, look at the Post's photos. So, how did they do?

It turns out the "suburban dad," dressed in pleated khakis and a tie, was able to hit five out of the six clubs, only to be rejected with a “Sorry, honey. No,” at the elusive Boom Boom Room. After boasting he was “off daddy duty for the night," the bouncer at 1Oak let him right in. The Snooki-esque Jersey girl, decked out in Daisy Dukes and a sky-high hair poof, was also quite popular. Though she was rejected from the Boom Boom Room and Avenue, she was whisked to the head of the line at Tenjune and apparently the life of the party at 1Oak.

The nerdette, dressed in oversized glasses and a dowdy dress, was rejected from every club except Griffin. The Boom Boom Room bouncer at least tried to help her out, saying, “try the beer garden down the street. They’ll let you in.” Overall, Marquee let in all six while the Boom Boom Room rejected everyone. Though granted, they probably thought most of the crew was on their way back from some ridiculous costume party. Next time, go with the Jesse Camp look.