After yesterday's sub-scintillating mayoral debate, the first to include both Mayor Michael "I got money" Bloomberg and former Bronx Borough President Fernando "Bloomberg's got too much money" Ferrer," the poltiical analysts weigh in. The NY Times called it Ferrer's best day of the race ever in that he was able to position himself simply as "an alternative to the Bloomberg juggernaut." However, the Daily News thinks that Ferrer's debate effort was "too little, too late" - not surprising, as the Daily News has endorsed Mayor Bloomberg. The Post calls Ferrer "animated," chalking up his aggressive tactics to possible desperation. Mayor Bloomberg tried to get some licks in, by tangling with Ferrer about gun control (Bloomberg has supported gun control measures; Ferrer hasn't) and over massive Brooklyn development, pointing out that Ferrer endorser Rev. Al Sharpton supports a development that is called the "twin brother" of the Atlantic Yards project Ferrer denounced. Overall, the thinking that Ferrer associated Mayor Bloomberg with President Bush was probably a smart move, as the President is dead political weight to any politiician these days.

The next debate is tomorrow night at 7PM on WNBC. And Russell Simmons endorsed Mayor Bloomberg yesterday, making sure that the Mayor has the Phat Farm vote locked up.