Monday's Christmas Eve snowfall was a most pleasant surprise, but judging from the temperatures outside now, what is in store for us today will be quite frightful: a severe winter storm is expected to hit the Northeast this afternoon. And it will bring a sloppy mix of freezing rain, snow, and high winds to make for an uncomfortable evening. So let's all collectively give mother nature the one finger salute.

A winter storm warning has been issued for parts of New York and New Jersey from Wednesday afternoon until late Thursday morning. The city is only expected to get a few inches of snow (upstate could get over 15 inches!), but conditions will be worse here because of the sleet, freezing rains and winds (gusts could hit 50 miles per hour). If you're planning on travelling today, the storm could affect those plans as well—some airlines were waiving change fees for people trying to change their flights to get out of NYC ahead of the storm.

The snow is expected to start around 1 p.m., and could last through Thursday. Friday will be nice, but there may be more snow and rain throughout the weekend, so plan accordingly. Here's your chance to build your first snowman of the season! Or, you could just dress up as one to terrify people: