The Post's rantin' Steve Cuozzo is in rare form today with his takedown of the new plaza planned for the Barclays Center/Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn. Cuozzo calls the design "singularly malevolent in its ugliness," and "more conducive to hosting a Crips-Bloods scrimmage than the intended upscaling of the neighborhood." The best part? When "He Who Yells At Cloud" lays the blame for this "travesty" at the feet of the project's biggest opponent.

"The chief culprit is Daniel Goldstein, the activist who held up Ratner's Atlantic Yards for as long as it took to score a $3 million payout to move out of its way," sprach the Cuozz. "Goldstein failed to stop the project in the end, but delayed it long enough for Ratner to lose any chance of financing Gehry's vision." Let this be a lesson to all those who would stand in the way of taxpayer-abetted boondoggles: Resistance only makes matters worse. Don't struggle. Submit. Open wide and let your rulers shove whatever they want down your neighborhood's throat. Cuozzo, of course, leads by example by warmly embracing the Bloomberg administration's changes to the neighborhood by his office.

For a more thorough analysis of the media's coverage of Barclays Plaza, check out Atlantic Yards Report, which notes that "the big story" concerns developer Bruce Ratner's admission that the project won't be completed within the 10 year time frame he repeatedly trumpeted. (WNYC is all over this.)