The Post slammed Obama's "One Love" speech at the UN General Assembly yesterday, calling it "pathetic" and hailing the new prez as "naif-in-chief." The Post did not hesitate to pile it on, accusing Obama of "stunning cluelessness" and asking "Who wrote President Obama's speech for the start of the UN General Assembly yesterday — Rodney King?"

The Post's objections focus on two main things, Obama's "insults to America," in which he may have countenanced the "belief... that America has acted unilaterally," and his "backstabbing" of Israel. Obama said of Israel: "America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements." You can look at full text and video to see if you agree with the Post's conclusions.

Shockingly, the Times had a slightly different take on the speech, calling it "another step toward repairing America’s battered image," but they too were generally critical, noting that it glossed over problems in Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, and Iran.

Rodney King appeared on tv appealing for calm in the 1992 LA riots, asking, "Can't we all just get along?", which of course became a great sample for police-brutality music mixes.