Last night, we did a double take while watching WNBC News at 11 because reporter John Noel was interviewing a man who made a DVD of supposed actual crimes, like robberies, carjackings, and possibly a murder, in progress (here's the WNBC video). Of course, it's called Criminals Gone Wild, and DVDs are $26.98.

Noel asked the Brooklyn resident behind the DVD, Ousala Aleem, if he actually did film a murder. Aleem says, "Well, the thing is, I was pretty much at the wrong place at the right time, if you want to put it like that. I was interviewing people and things just started to happen." He claims he's sold thousands of copies, telling the Daily News, "The minute you come out with crime footage everybody wants to buy it. My pockets are fat now."

The police are investigating whether the footage is real, but the Daily News spoke to someone who claims he was once robbed by one of the alleged criminals on the DVD. And if crimes were actually committed, well, Aleem could be in trouble, because with knowledge of a crime taking place (versus just happening upon a crime), he may face criminal liability.

And Aleem said, "It's sad, but these people really don't care, they just want to be on TV. I get phone calls from people who say, 'Come over to my part of town if you want to see some real crime.'" We suggest this follow-up to Aleem: "Criminals Gone to Jail!"