With rumors buzzing that Governor Spitzer will resign in light of his involvement with a prostitution ring, the residents of New York could very well join the residents of Connecticut and New Jersey in the "My Governor Resigned Due to Scandal Club."

On July 1, 2004, Connecticut Governor John Rowland resigned after it was discovered that contractors who did business with the state also did work on his weekend cottage free of charge. Rowland (pictured, left) admitted the contractors paid for the work in December 2003, but then later said he paid for it. Still, an investigation was launched and impeachment proceedings were started. Lieutenant Governor Jodi Rell took over and was reelected in 2006.

On August 13, 2004, NJ Governor James McGreevey (pictured, center) stepped down, noting an extramarital affair and famously proclaimed, "I am a gay American." Some believed he resigned in order to avoid corruption charges. McGreevey has continued to stay in the limelight, thanks to very public fights with his ex-wife over custody and child support. The President of the NJ Senate Richard Codey became Governor, but went back to the Senate when Jon Corzine ran. Codey did become acting Governor again when Corzine - not wearing a seatbelt - was hurt in a car accident.

Assemblyman James Tedisco, the Republican pol who Governor Spitzer yelled, "Listen, I'm a f---ing steamroller, and I'll roll over you and anybody else!" at, wants a resignation, "Today's news that Eliot Spitzer was likely involved with a prostitution ring and his refusal to deny it leads to one inescapable conclusion: he has disgraced his office and the entire state of New York. He should resign his office immediately."