Today, Governor Paterson is calling for a special Sunday session for the Assembly and Senate to discuss the NY State budget, which was due on April 1, because the Assembly and Senate have struck a budget agreement that ignores many of Paterson's proposals to close a $9.2 billion budget gap. According to NY1, "The agreement reached by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson restores $600 million to state school aid. Another $683 million in health care cuts that were proposed by Governor David Paterson were also restored, including $46.8 million in Medicaid cuts... The agreement does not address how the state will raise revenue for the restored aid, but Democratic sources said that does not need to be immediately figured out."

Paterson issued a statement, "Yesterday the Legislature appears to have finally taken the initiative to introduce the Governor’s budget so that it can be voted up or down on Monday. Governor Paterson has been asking the Legislature to do this for months. As is its right by law, the Legislature has made amendments to the Governor’s budget bills, and those changes are being reviewed. Governor Paterson will veto any new member items added to these bills. What is clear is that the Legislature has not introduced any revenue actions, which are necessary to balance and complete the budget. In typical Albany fashion, the Legislature is now touting its spending and restorations to the Governor’s proposed cuts, while failing to provide a way to pay for them."

According to the NY Times, this was the Legislature's attempt to "outflank" Paterson's budget. If lawmakers are able to pass their proposal, "Paterson would no longer be able to use the threat of a government shutdown to force lawmakers into uncomfortable votes... Yet the absence of a firm agreement on revenue remains a glaring hole."