2008_11_colhosp.jpgYikes: The police are investigating whether a visitor sexually abused a 72-year-old patient yesterday afternoon at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Washington Heights. The Daily News reports that a nurse allegedly saw 27-year-old Yakov Kramer "standing over the elderly man's bed." Kramer was arrested last night and a "cloth Kramer allegedly used to clean up the evidence was seized by the NYPD for testing" (a police source said, "He didn't know the victim - it looks like he just wandered into a room and took advantage"). The News called the home of Kramer's father, and a women said, "The whole story is wrong and stupid... He was in the hospital with his wife. She had an appointment. Something is very wrong if someone could be arrested at a hospital." The hospital's spokesperson told WCBS 2, "We cannot confirm any details. But we did receive the report and we are investigating."