Two teenagers were rushed to the hospital with severe slash wounds after a brawl near South Beach in Staten Island on Monday. Police have yet to make any arrests, but believe the melee could have been a hate crime, which seem to be on the rise in the borough.

One witness said the brawl started when a Latino teen with four others began heckling a group of black teens near Capodanno Boulevard and Sand Lane, saying, "You came here to our beach, you get this." Victim Tull Sishab, 16, said of the Latino group, "They surrounded me and one of them hit me. Then someone else cut me with a barbecue fork." Sishab suffered slashes to his back and chest, while Sean Morris, 15, was stabbed in his side. Morris' mother claims that the attacking group hurled racially offensive slurs at the victims, but Police Comissioner Ray Kelly says the fight had just as much to do with gang rivalry.