2007_12_qhan.jpgPolice are investigating an attack on a Brooklyn-bound Q train as a possible hate crime. A group of people (WNBC says they were on their way home from Hanukkah celebrations) were called anti-Semitic phrases and then beaten up by another group of ten people at Canal Street.

The Post has some more details: Apparently one of the attackers "made anti-Semitic remarks about Jews killing Jesus, saying, 'This is a Christian country.'" But the father of someone in the attacking group who was not charged said one of the victims "had shouted obscenities about Jesus, and one of them pulled a knife," "I think it's just kids getting out of hand on both sides."

Still, two of the men arrested have had prior brushes with the law - Joseph Jirovec allegedly beat two black men in Gerritsen Beach last year and Zachary Rogalski allegedly attacked black youths in Marine Park in 2005.