There was a report of a "fatal jumper down" yesterday morning on 49th Avenue in Queens. Now the Post reports that victim was a man who posed as a potential renter at a Long Island City high-rise: Anastasi Calatzis, an out-of-work car salesman who was upset about his mother's illness and medical bills, "sent a grim text message to his brother and then jumped from the Avalon Riverview North in Long Island City."

Calatzis, 38, apparently pretended to be interested in the 25th floor apartment (he first saw it a few days ago), in order to gain access to terrace. A woman who lives across the street told the Post, "I see this guy go out on the terrace, look around holding on to the banister, and then he puts one foot over and I thought, 'Oh no! What's he going to do?' He bends his knee, and down he went, just like that. It was just so quick. He looked very calm for some reason."

His cousin says that Calatzis sent his younger brother a text message saying, "'Please take care of my mother. I can't take it anymore.' He left all the account numbers, all the keys and apologized in the text for all the pain he was going to cause."