After sitting out Saturday's game, Yankees catcher Jorge Posada apologized to the Yankees organization. Posada was upset about being placed ninth in the lineup (his performance hasn't been great lately), but he apparently felt awful about his stunt— yesterday, he told nearly tearfully told reporters, "I just talked to [manager Joe] Girardi. I kind of apologized to him. I just had a bad day (Saturday) and, reflecting on it and stuff, it's all the frustration, it came out. I'm trying to move on."

Posada also apologized to Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman: the NY Times reports, "Cashman said he relayed their conversation to the Yankees’ brass, which now considers the matter closed and will not take disciplinary action against Posada."

Posada got a standing ovation from the crowd yesterday, but the Yankees lost to the Red Sox, getting swept at Yankee Stadium. The Post's Joel Sherman observes, "So following a day that evoked The Bronx Zoo era, the Yankees publicly returned to the vanilla flavor they have favored in recent years, coinciding with George Steinbrenner's retreat from the public spotlight of the franchise. But as successful as the Yankees were at executing Public Relations 101 yesterday, the underlying problems that caused the rift persist: Posada's poor offense, the abundance of aging/declining legends and a roster that has betrayed significant flaws."