2008_07_wtcpa.jpgThe NYPD and Port Authority have finally worked out a plan on who will be in charge of the World Trade Center when it's developed (whenever that is), and it will be the NYPD. Mayor Bloomberg noted how the WTC is a big part of downtown security and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "Considering the history of this site and the ongoing threat of terrorism, it only makes sense that the N.Y.P.D. devote significant resources to protect the World Trade Center." The NYPD will develop a plan, with help from the Port Authority, and use a new WTC unit of 600 some cops to secure the area. Still, the Port Authority police say they will not walk away from the site; Port Authority Police Benevolent Association president Gus Danese pointed out that 37 PAPD officers died on 9/11, "I lost the most police officers in the history of law enforcement in one event. The families of the PA officers killed want the Port Authority police to maintain a presence, and we have."