2005_07_portauth.gifAnd that's the no-brainer for today. The Port Authority may consider putting another airport in NYC-metro area as airline travel is projected to increase to over 100 million annual travelers coming through JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airports in the next few years. The NY Times has Port Authority chairman Anthony R. Coscia's remarks

"I think it's actually irresponsible of me to say where we're going to put this airport" if one is eventually built, Mr. Coscia said. "I want the experts to spend the time and analyze this. But you don't need to be a genius to realize that air travel is growing at a very fast pace. If we don't accommodate that growth, the growth will be a negative, not a positive."

In other words: We're not going to bid on the West Side railyards. But that is a big question: Where would they stick another airport? The article noted that the last attempt for a fourth airport was over 30 years ago, near Morristown, NJ, an area that is now very populated. A final fun factoid from the Times article: "The newest major American airport, Denver International, is 10 years old and sits on 34,000 acres, about four times the total space of all three big New York-area airports." That is pretty mindblowing.

There's a lot of travel scheduled for today - are you heading out of town?