Port Authority officials continue to fight off the terror threat posed by Canada geese, employing techniques from falconry to to shotguns to killing their eggs. With Captain Sully being given a hero's welcome back to the skies as he returned to work this week, it seemed time that we better check in on the villain that was disposed of, lest they come back bigger and stronger than ever. Officials from the PA say they are doing just that, not losing any momentum after over 1,000 were "rounded up" this summer.

Port Authority officials tell the Times that continued methods of wildlife-control include falconry, pyrotechnics and having 20 men and women trained with shotguns. A spokesman says, “Some situations call for the use of a shotgun to disperse and kill birds on airport property.” They also revealed that during the nesting season, before the gathering and gassing, the Agriculture Department undertook another goose control measure by coating 1,739 eggs with oil. The oil prevents air from going in and keeps the goose's eggs from developing.

While the debate over whether or not such dramatic and what some say are cruel methods for the bird problem, one retired USDA scientist assures us,“The bottom line with Canada geese is that they truly are the most hazardous species of bird that poses a threat to aviation."