Investigators of the Consumer Product Safety Commission have done their jobs this Pre-Holiday Season, having successfully intercepted some children's toys en route from China that were apparently just chock full of lead.

On October 28 and 29, border patrol officers at Port Authority in New York and New Jersey snapped up two shipments of "toy dolls, cosmetic sets, fire trucks and tractors" that were deemed unsafe for American children, thanks to their high lead content and risk of becoming choking hazards. A total of 2,308 toys with an approximate domestic value of $11,313 were seized.

The risk of choking on a toy fire truck is understandable—to the unseasoned eyes of a child, the miniature fire hose may resemble a stomach pump, the small ladder, a bedazzled tongue depressor! But the above pictured "Baby Toys" doll raises some questions—what part of this seemingly innocuous plaything is so deadly? Are its sleepy, half-closed eyes actually bulbs of toxic metals? Is its striped onesie meat scented? Hopefully, we'll never know. At least they caught it this time.