2007_01_stewair.jpgAir travelers, rejoice: The Port Authority has decided to lease Stewart Airport. Both Governors Spitzer and Corzine support the plan, and the Port Authority says the deal is "a major milestone."

The agency, overseen by NY and NJ, hopes that by having a fourth area airport, crowding problems at JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark airports can be alleviated. Port Authority officials have projected that JFK, LaGuardia and Newark will grow from 104 million passengers to 150 million in 2025. Stewart Airport, which now has about 300,000 passengers, could triple to 900,000 this year, and, with infrastructure expansion, could grow to handle 10 million.

Some facts about Stewart International Airport: It's 55 north of NYC, near Newburgh (maybe you've been on a flight that's stopped there briefly to refuel); it's a converted Air Force base of 2,400 acres that's actually bigger than Newark; and JetBlue flies out there.