Port Authority Bus Terminal, a place with magnificent public bathrooms and a thriving criminal economy, is set to get a $7 to $10 billion facelift that will theoretically make it less terrible. And because everything is more fun when it's a contest, the Port Authority's opening up design submissions to international architects, with plans to choose the winner by September and complete construction in a little over a decade. At press time, the fate of the terminal's Auntie Anne's outpost remains unclear.

The Port Authority voted for the design competition on Thursday, noting that the existing terminal—once accurately dubbed the "Single Worst Place on Planet Earth" by John Oliver—will soon be replaced by a fancy new condo tower, as there's no finer place to live in Manhattan than the western end of 42nd Street. The new, potentially European Port Authority will be constructed one block west of the current site.

The project is expected to cost about $7 to $10 billion dollars, with funding primarily sourced from the sale of the current terminal's air rights. It's expected to take 11 to 15 years to complete, but your Greyhound bus is delayed until then anyway.