In a scene straight from the Neapolitan novels, a Brooklyn pork shop employee says she was fired from her job after she rejected the owner's son's romantic advances.

Stefani Tremini, 20, says she was a cashier at B&A Pork Store in Dyker Heights in 2014. The owner's son and the store manager, James Brannigan, began to pursue her, sending her texts, making comments about her looks, giving her unwanted gifts, and pressuring her to dump her boyfriend. "Your boyfriend is a loser,” he said in one text, according to a lawsuit. “You should be with me.” Brannigan's parents, who owned the store, apparently sanctioned his attempts at wooing, telling Tremini that she and their son would make a good couple.

Eventually Brannigan got the picture, but according to the suit, he didn't exactly take the rejection in stride. Instead, he fired Tremini via text message. "Not gonna need u in anymore," he wrote in one message, according to the suit. Now, like all doomed love stories, lawyers are involved.

Brannigan is a former semi pro-hockey player who once played for Eastern Professional Hockey League team the Brooklyn Aces. You can see him in the video below: