Our Citi Bike alarm bells went off this morning after we received a tip that the racks at Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights were being removed. WHAT HAPPENED? Did one too many people slam their bikes into the docks? Did a clutch of wealthy NIMBYs quietly pay off a top level Alta Bicycle Share official? WHY GOD?

None of the above, said Dani Simons, Citi Bike's director of marketing and external affairs. The racks are only being removed temporarily while the badly pockmarked Clark Street is milled and repaved. She added that re-installation is typically rescheduled "shortly after the roadwork is complete."

According to DOT, milling on Clark Street is slated to commence tomorrow. In the meantime, just go ahead and wheel yourself over to nearby docks at Columbia Heights and Cranberry Street, or Hicks and Montague streets.