Pope John Paul II, the influential figure who led the Vatican and Catholics around the world from 1978 until his death in 2005, will be made a saint. The Vatican has attributed two miracles to him.

Two miracles need to be be approved by the Vatican for someone to become a saint. According to Reuters, "John Paul had already been credited with asking God to cure French nun Marie Simon-Pierre Normand of Parkinson's disease, which helped lead to his beatification in 2011, when he was declared a 'blessed' of the Church... The second miracle attributed to John Paul's intercession is the inexplicable curing of a woman from Costa Rica who prayed to him for help with her medical condition on the day of his beatification. Details of that miracle were due to be announced in Costa Rica on Friday."

Pope John Paul II died at age 84 after many health setbacks. His declining health was seen in public and the stooped, ailing impression of him in his final days apparently influenced Pope Benedict to step down this past year. Pope John Paul II has also been criticized for not responding quickly or decisively enough over the sexual abuse scandal in the church.

Additionally, Pope John XXIII, whose papacy was 1958-1963, will also be made a saint. It's unclear when their canonizations will be. Seventy-eight other popes have been sainted.