2006_04_legosecurity.jpgYesterday, the city announced that students would be subject to unannounced security screening at they enter school, in an effort to reduce major crime. A team of school safety officers and mobile scanners (sort of like ones at airports) will travel the various schools, concentrating on those without permanent metal detectors as well as those on the Impact list. The Mayor said, "The days of anything goes are over." However, critics from both the civil liberties and basic school day logistics parties see potential flaws in the plan. The Times reports that signs will be posted outside to let students know there is a random search occuring, but the NYCLU tells the Sun that next, there will be "unannounced searches in the streets." We don't envy today's NYC public school students, but the problem is that when there are violent incidents, the city does need to take action - and if walking through a metal detector and other screening does prevent other crimes, then so be it. We just hope the school safety officers are able to work with the students in a decent manner.

One parent told the Daily News, "It takes [too] long to screen kids and it cuts into their instructional time and creates a horrible environment. That's not to say it is more horrible than someone bringing a weapon in."

Image of Lego airport security from rob c