2006_02_dolph.jpgThere have been a number of stories about teachers molesting students lately, but it's rare when there's a reference to the longest running comedy on TV. Apparently public school teacher, Dolph Timmerman, accused of touching young girls at PS 123 in Bushwick, was the name-inspiration for the Simpsons bully Dolph, the slouchy, almost stoned-seeming guy amongst Jimbo and Kearney. Matt Groening just borrowed the name from his high school classmate for the character, but the NY Post was very diligent in pulling up animated-Dolph trivia (He has worked as a Kamp Krusty counselor and at Springfield Paper and Printing, as part of the "Lackeys of Tomorrow" program.) and even got a quote from a show spokeswoman saying that animated Dolph would not be cut from the show (the show and Post are both owned by News Corp., though). Anyway, some teachers at PS 123 believe that the girls are making up these claims, but they don't have proof. While there are probably weirdos out there who might take advantage of their students, Gothamist wonders if there's a Salem witch trial-like hysteria about these cases (think about day care abuse allegations during the 1980s - like Capturing the Friedmans) among parents.