bridgesign.jpgA New York state legislator stood at the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge yesterday and blamed confusing signage and roadways for the death of Sam Hindy, who was killed last week. Hindy was killed when he struck a barrier and plunged to the lower roadway of the Manhattan Bridge and struck by a car. The 27-year-old was riding from Manhattan to Brooklyn with a friend, Benjamin Price last Friday evening when they found themselves on the roadway traveling with cars and trucks. Hindy and Price attempted to turn around to get back to the bike pathway across the bridge, which is when he struck the barrier and fell through a split in the bridge to the lower roadway.

Last week, the Daily News reported that the entrance to the bike pathway may have been blocked by construction and The New York Times said police told Hindy's father the pair had taken the wrong ramp, which led them to the car and truck roadway. Yesterday, however, state senator Eric Adams representing Brooklyn placed the blame squarely at the foot of poor signage on the Manhattan Bridge. Adams is quoted in the New York Post saying "A young 27-year-old should not have lost his life because he couldn't distinguish what roadway to use from what roadway not to use."

(12 - Manhattan Bridge sign, NYC, by sissnitz at flickr)