2007_01_bush.jpgWhile people downtown thought they would be able to breathe easy once I Am Legend finishes shooting at the Brooklyn Bridge (they are expected to wrap at 4AM tomorrow), they'll have to think again. Because President Bush is coming to the city tomorrow.

Bush will be in town to give a "State of the Economy" type speech at Wall Street. The President will probably discuss the country's economic health and drop a "what happened a few blocks from here" reference. The NYPD isn't saying what the President's route will be, but if you notice any newspaper boxes, mailboxes or trash cans gone, you can bet the President will be traveling on that street.

No word on whether he'll address bipartisan feeling (Bloomberg is a Republican) that NYC's status as the world's top financial center is slipping.

And Bush will meet with Ceasar Borja, son of the cop who died of pulmonary fibrosis, believed to have been caused by working as a Ground Zero volunteer. Conveniently, his administration has added $25 million in his budget proposal for sick ground zero workers.

Photograph of President Bush speaking to workers at a Caterpillar Plant in Peoria, IL by Charles Rex Arbogast/AP