It's like the McCarren Park Pool, but with a "controlled sewage discharge" in an estuary! A broken sewage line in Tarrytown promises to poop all over NYC's first Ironman race tomorrow. Millions of gallons of RAW SEWAGE were released into the Hudson yesterday, but health officials think that by the time it reaches NYC, it should be okay.

The Journal News reports, "The pipe that broke normally sends sewage to the Yonkers wastewater treatment plant. It goes through three levels of treatment and is then disinfected with chlorine before being released into the Hudson. Because of the break, Westchester Environmental Facilities Commissioner Tom Lauro said, the sewage is being diverted into the river off Sleepy Hollow, near the village’s public works garage. What worked its way into the old aqueduct will end up in the Saw Mill River near where it enters the Hudson. At both spots, he said, chlorine is being added to the sewage." Okay, so it's RAW SEWAGE with a splash of chlorine. GUH!

Ironman officials will test the water to see whether it's safe enough for athletes to do the 2.4 mile swim in the Hudson. One competitor said, "I don't want anything to compromise my health. Because I still have other big finish lines to get to," while others think it should go on, telling WABC 7, "I think we would all be severely disappointed if they cancel it. I don't see why they should cancel it," and "I'm from the Jersey shore. So I've been swimming in New York's garbage my whole life."