Things haven't been so easy for former Scores stripper Diane Passage in recent months, ever since her husband, accountant to the stars Kenneth Starr, pleaded guilty to running a Ponzi scheme. Starr is facing 12 years in jail, his companies are in bankruptcy, and their joint bank accounts have been frozen—so what's a third wife to do to make a little money?

Passage reportedly auditioned for a new, untitled reality TV show which will show what life is like for pole dancers; if Passage gets a spot, she'll be filmed as she starts working at Scores again. There won't be any nudity, but there will be footage of the girls "going about their daily lives." We're just surprised no effervescent reality show producer has pitched a show about the young wives of convicted white collar criminals ("The Real Housewives of Butner Prison").

On the plus side, at least we have some indication that everything is copacetic between Starr and his (specially selected) wife: Passage received flowers from Starr from prison on Valentine's Day, and tweeted, "More roses from Ken just arrived!! Even from behind bars he continues to make other husbands look like a$$holes... Lol!"