A woman stole a Pomeranian named Suki outside of a 24-hour supermarket on Driggs Avenue early this morning, according to the dog's owner, Yashoda Smith, who is on vacation in Greece. Her friend, who is dogsitting and also subletting Smith's Williamsburg apartment, stopped by Khim's Millenium Market at N. 11th Street to buy some chocolate around 4 this morning, leaving Suki tied up outside.

When Smith's friend walked out, Suki was gone, and a review of surveillance footage showed a blonde female customer grab the dog and leave in a Honda. In the hours since, friends and neighbors have rallied, posting flyers around the neighborhood, and spreading the word on Facebook and Instagram. The dognapper paid cash for her purchase, so there is no credit card trail, but Smith is hoping additional footage will surface showing the woman's license plate. Because Smith is Suki's official owner, she has yet to officially file a police report, but is currently waiting for the NYPD to call, she said.

Smith said Suki, a seven-year-old male, is "very friendly," carefully groomed, and "doesn't bark much." She doesn't recognize Suki's captor from the neighborhood. An email announcement about the theft said Suki was wearing a leather-studded harness and a red-skull dog tag.

Smith asks people with information about Suki's whereabouts to call (646) 708-0711.