Yesterday, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal called upon the Department of Transportation to stop dragging its feet and "implement a swift solution to the public safety hazard at a dangerous 'bow-tie' intersection at West 71st Street at Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue." Last year, there were 25 accidents (including a taxi cab that crashed into a West 72nd Street subway station head house) and eight this year—just a few weeks ago, another cab crashed into a pedestrian island, injuring a woman. Should get pretty interesting when the Trader Joe's opens on Broadway between 71st and 72nd!

One resident told WCBS 2, "I tell you, I avoid it no matter where I have to go. Even if it takes me 10 blocks I'll walk it because they come form all directions." Rosenthal, who has been concerned about the intersection for a while (her Manhattan office is on West 72nd!), says she led DOT officials on a visit to survey the area this spring. However, the DOT said that a plan cannot be implemented until 2011, "at the earliest and will require additional study." Rosenthal complains, "It seems like DOT is stuck in bureaucratic inertia," and said, "While the city is lavishing attention on making Times Square more attractive, what they ought to be doing is lavishing on this intersection to make it more safe."

Stringer snarked to WCBS 2, "You know if we were calling on them to create a [pedestrian] plaza on 72nd Street it would be created in a month. Here we're asking them to fix a couple of traffic lights and they still can't do that." He, Rosenthal and Upper West Siders are asking for crossing times to be increased, countdown timers, and maybe even more police enforcement! As for the DOT's plan, that'll be presented next month.