cityhall_4.jpgSure, the 2008 election is exciting, but hundreds of candidates are expected to run for city office next year.

Of the current City Council, 36 members out of 51 are up for reelection or getting the boot due to term limits. Former Bloomberg aide William Cunningham advised the Sun, "Put on your helmets and put on your seat belts: It's going to be like a demolition derby." It'll be a donation derby as candidates who participate in the Campaign Finance Board's program can receive $6 for every $1 raised in contribution ($1,050 is the CFB max per contributor). Which has prompted some candidates to start raising money already.

One to watch for: The fight for City Councilman Alan Gerson's seat in Lower Manhattan, as potential candidate Peter Gleason, a former firefighter and cop, bought domains,, and - URLs that Community Board 1 chair and potential candidate Julie Menin wouldn't mind having. (Menin's lawyer sent Gleason a cease & desist, Gleason says parody sites are allowed.)

The Daily News has a list of City Council members who have expressed interest in other city offices, including Speaker Christine Quinn and Tony Avella who wants to run for mayor, Charles Barron and Bill DeBlasio who want to run for Brooklyn Borough President, and Eric Gioia who wants to run for Public Advocate.