In an attempt to close the budget gap, lawmakers are considering two new plans to raise fees on New Yorkers. The plan proposes raising the fees on buying cars and taking out a mortgage. "These two proposals are being seriously considered by us," Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Martin Dilan told the Daily News.

The proposal would raise vehicle document fees from the $75 limit to as much as $175, which could raise about $25 million for the state. It would also raise the mortgage recording tax by 20 cents for every $1,000, which could raise $230 million. Though the plan will probably be met with its fair share of criticism, it may go over better than the proposed taxes on cigarettes, alcohol and soda.

State Republicans are not happy with any of these proposals, with a spokesman for Sen. Dean Skelos saying, "After promising not to, Senate Democrats are once again itching to raise taxes." But Martin Dilan believes "these two proposals would be of least harm."