2006_08_rbruno.jpgToday, the NY Post cover-stories the "sorry slide" of Rachel Bruno, the granddaughter of State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. Last week, she had been reported missing, only to turn up in Times Square with a man whose had tangled with the law over getting information about prostitution busts. While the Bruno family is keeping quiet, the Post talks to Rachel's boyfriend, Kyle Seitz. The two had been living together for about a month, until one he came home and found all of her things were gone.

She had left him before - cheated on him with men she'd met on MySpace, he said. But always locally.

Even some family friends tended to dismiss the sudden disappearance.

"At first, we just thought she was just [hanging out] on a friend's couch . . ." a close family friend told The Post.

But when Seitz went online he got the first inkling of a much darker truth. Checking his own MySpace account, Seitz discovered a message from Rachel: "I'll love you forever. Please don't forget about me."

Seitz recalled Rachel complaining two weeks earlier of "some guy" who kept sending her instant messages.

"I said, 'Well tell him you have a boyfriend,' " he said.

Now, Seitz said, he suspected the worst: "I thought she went to another state with another guy."

Apparently Rachel spent all day on MySpace, and that's where she apparently met John Savage, the man she stayed with until being found in NYC. Rachel Bruno has had anorexia and other emotional issues, spending time in treatment centers, and leading what some say was a very sheltered life. Seitz, who was "chided" by his boss at Time Warner Cable over her disappearance, had wanted to marry her and tells the Post, "I was planning on marrying her. I'm in denial." Well, there's nothing like spilling how you feel to the Post to prove you are in denial.