Earlier this month, Brooklyn locals rallied to protest planned cuts to the G train extension—the G train has been making five extra stops into Brooklyn because of the messy Culver Viaduct repairs, but that is due to end in 2014. Now, a group of local pols led by Public Advocate Bill de Blasio have joined together to form the 5 Stop Fan Club: “These extra five stops are a lifeline that Brooklyn residents and small businesses have come to depend on,” de Blasio said.

Unless the MTA makes the extension permanent, G train service would no longer extend to stations at Fourth Avenue-Ninth Street, Seventh Avenue, Prospect Park-15th Street, Fort Hamilton Parkway and Church Avenue. “Ending this service will have a profound effect on the community and the mom and pop stores along these five stops," de Blasio added. "I encourage every New Yorker who wants to see the G train service preserved to join the 5 Stop Fan Club and let your voices be heard.”

Council Member Stephen Levin said the G train extension was essential mass transit link for Northern Brooklyn: “I live in Greenpoint and our only subway access is the G train. Folk used to call it the ‘ghost train.’ That hasn’t been the reality for quite some time."

At a rally in Windsor Terrace yesterday, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said the potential closures were “meshuganah." Carroll Gardens resident Gorge Luis Cordero told the News the extension was vital: "The extension is a minor inconvenience for them to keep open, but it's a major convenience for the public, especially on the weekends when service is slower."

An MTA spokesman told us the decision wouldn't be made until the Culver Viaduct project is completed: "No decision has been made. Work on the Culver Viaduct project will continue for at least another year." And if it IS cut...well, there's always jet packs.