A new Quinnipiac poll reveals that New York State is split 46% to 46% when it comes to allowing same-sex marriage. Quinnipiac also says, "Black voters opposed 57 - 35 percent while white voters tip narrowly in favor of gay marriage 47 - 45 percent." But there's more support for civil unions: Overall, voters support civil unions 65-27 "with 67 - 24 percent support from white voters and 52 - 39 percent support from black voters."

Interestingly, voters rejected the idea that "same-sex marriage is a threat to traditional marriage between a man and a woman" 63% to 32%. There are more interesting demographic details here, like how women support the measure while men are opposed. Though the State Assembly passed the gay marriage bill, it's questionable whether the State Senate has the votes to pass it. Five Thirty-Eight's Nate Silver puts odds of the bill passing as one in three.

And yesterday, the Empire State Pride Agenda released an ad (see it above) to help drum up support for the bill. It has a straight couple, Barb and Don, speaking about their straight daughter was able to marry the person she wanted and how their gay daughter can't. ESPA's Alan Van Capelle told PolitckerNY they used Barb and Don because legislators had said they were swayed after visits from "parents of adult gay and lesbian children in loving and committed relations who wanted to marry."